Reflective hotfix slide

Reflective hotfix slide

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N471 approved reflective material for all fabrics.

Fastened by ironing or thermal press.

Sheet size is about 25cm x 25cm.

Mounting Instructions:

Cut the image you want from the sheet and mold it into the right spot on the garment / accessory with a transparent protective film facing up.

Press the image firmly on the iron for 10-15 seconds, the temperature is about 160 degrees or 2-3 points. Do not use steam. You can protect the fabric on which you attach the pattern on the baking paper to make it accidentally piece during the attachment.

Remove the protective film from the pattern after the pattern has cooled. You can still iron the picture after removing the protective film through the baking paper or on the wrong side of the fabric.

The pattern can withstand 60 degree washing. Drum drying is not recommended.

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